#20 Weston Hoffert

Get to Know … Weston Hoffert

Steve Krah 2/17/22 Syracuse, IN

Weston Hoffert has been a contributor for the varsity and junior varsity squads during the 2022-23 Wawasee boys basketball season.

The 5-foot-8 guard is a steady 3-point shooting threat and a playmaker.

Hoffert describes his niche.

“My role is to be energetic on the bench and the court when I’m playing,” says Hoffert. “It’s also to handle the ball, put up shots and play the best defense I can.

“I have some reactive hands.”

What does he like most about the sport?

“I like the team and having fun,” says Hoffert, who turned 16 last November.

He was introduced to basketball at a very young age. His father — Chad — is the head JV coach and a math teacher at Wawasee.

“We definitely have a special chemistry on the court,” says Weston of his coach/father. “It’s easy to play for him. He pushes me hard which helps me to be a good leader on the court.

“He knows me inside and out. He knows my strengths and weaknesses. He helps me to make the best of it.”

With more than two years of high school remaining, Hoffert can see himself pursuing something in the medical field in college though he is not 100 percent committed to that.

“It’s something that interests me,” says Hoffert.

Weston is the young of four children. Older brothers Grant (Class of 2014) and Bennett (Class of 2019) also played basketball at Wawasee — Grant as a freshman. Bennett finished with 410 career varsity points. Sister Allison is a 2016 WHS graduate.

Coach Jon Everingham on Weston Hoffert:

"Weston has been a steady contributor on our JV team this year and has played in some big moments on the varsity as well.

“It is not an easy task to ask a player to split time between two teams (JV and Varsity), but Weston has displayed a toughness and Basketball IQ that has allowed him to excel in that role.

“Weston works very hard on his game basically year round and we are excited about his future in the program."



Name: Weston Hoffert.

Number: 20.

Height/Weight: 5-8/125.

Position: G.

Class: 2025.

Basketball Letters Won: 1.

Elementary: North Webster.

Middle School: Wawasee.

Activities/Other Sports: Pre-school teacher at church, cross country.

Favorite School Subject: Math (currently Pre-Calculus by Laura Mikel).

Favorite NBA Player/Athlete: LeBron James.

Favorite Food: Mom’s Spaghetti.

Favorite Song: N/A.

Favorite Movie: A Quiet Place series.

Favorite TV Show: N/A.

Parents: Chad and Dawn Hoffert.

Siblings: Grant, Allison, Bennett.

Article Written by Steve Krah

@SteveKrah on Twitter


#43 Darius Lewis

Get to Know … Darius Lewis

Steve Krah 2/17/22 Syracuse, IN

Darius Lewis, a member of the 2022-23 Wawasee boys basketball team, embraces his role with the Warriors.

“Coach puts me in on the defensive end,” says Lewis, a 5-foot-10 junior playing for head coach Jon Everingham. “He says to ‘go in and make a play.’ My job is to go out there and make stops.

“When we have the ball and it’s time to take my shots he lets me take them.”

That typically means anything from a mid-range jumper to a layup.

When the other team has the ball, Lewis tends to play near the basket.

“I’m one of the best post defenders,” says Lewis. “I have a wide base when they try to post up on me. I have a low center of gravity.”

Lewis, who turns 17 soon, missed early games because of a leg injury but has been a regular in the rotation in the season’s second half.

Introduced to the game as a young boy, Lewis tells what he likes most about basketball.

“I love the intensity and the hyped crowds,” says Lewis, who attended Marquette Catholic in Michigan City as a freshman. “I love making big plays. There’s something about it that makes me anxious.”

While he doesn’t play on the school team, Lewis likes to play golf.

“I’m not very good at it but it relaxes me and teaches me patience,” says Lewis.

After high school, Lewis can see himself going to college to study marketing or business and/or getting his real estate license.

James Lewis is Darius’ father. His words of advice echo with his son.

“My dad has always told me to keep striving,” says Darius. “He always tells me to stay the course.

“You’ve got to keep going no matter what gets in your way.”

Lewis is the second member of his family to play basketball at Wawasee. Brother Trevon Coleman (Class of 2018) scored 565 career points.

Coach Jon Everingham on Darius Lewis:

"Darius has been a nice player for us this year coming off the bench and adding some toughness and strength to our line-up.

“Darius has worked hard recovering from a broken leg this summer and getting himself back this year and contributing at the varsity level.

“Darius has a skill set that helps on the floor and has the type of personality that his teammates enjoy.”



Name: Darius Lewis.

Number: 43.

Height/Weight: 5-10/195.

Position: F.

Class: 2024.

Basketball Letters Won: 2.

Elementary: Milford.

Middle School: Milford.

Activities/Other Sports: PS5 (gaming system), golf (not on school team).

Favorite School Subject: Language taught by Kristin Bonner.

Favorite NBA Player/Athlete: LeBron James.

Favorite Food: Crab legs.

Favorite Movie: Coach Carter.

Favorite TV Show: Stranger Things.

Parents: James Lewis (father), Emily Pamer (mother).

Siblings: Jalen Lewis, Darshon Coleman, Trevon Coleman.

Article Written by Steve Krah

@SteveKrah on Twitter


#34 Maddux Everingham

Get to Know … Maddux Everingham

Steve Krah 2/3/23 Syracuse, IN

Maddux Everingham, a 17-year-old sophomore in his second season as a regular on the Wawasee varsity boys basketball team, is drawn to the time when the game is on the line.

He wants to be the one with the ball in his hands with the clock ticking down. He welcomes the opportunity to make the steal, rebound or pass that helps spark his team.

“I embrace the moments,” says Maddux. “We practiced that stuff. I think about it all the time. I’ve played a lot of games.”

Twin brother Maddux Everingham is also a starter. Their father, Jon Everingham, is head coach. Younger brother Davis Everingham is a freshman on the Warriors junior varsity.

What’s the best part of being a twin?

“You’ve got a friend who is basically beside you all the time,” says Maddux. “On the court you can tell. We know what each other is going to do.”

Camaraderie is what Maddux enjoys most about basketball.

“It’s having fun and spending time with my teammates,” says Maddux. “We go together well.”

Maddux has been scoring threat for Wawasee whether from the perimeter (he has a team-best 47 3-pointers through 18 games) or driving to the basket. He’s also stepped up his all-around game.

“I want to do whatever it takes to make the team better and win basketball games,” says Maddux. “This year I’ve been trying improve on the defensive end.

“You’ve just got to play hard.”

That is the advice his father gives him.

“You work hard, go to practice and try to get better,” says Maddux.

Being a baseball catcher helps that defensive basketball mindset.

“It helps me mentally,” says Maddux. “When you’re a catcher you have to block baseballs and keep them in front of you. You need to take charges and stay in good position (in basketball).”

Coach Jon Everingham on Maddux Everingham:

"Maddux has been a fixture in our line-up now for two years.
“Maddux has developed his overall game this year and continues to improve handling the ball and on the defensive end.
“In addition to scoring the ball from the outside, Maddux has developed into a threat both inside and out.
“Maddux is an unselfish player, committed to his team, the Wawasee basketball program and enjoys seeing the successes of others on and off the floor.
“Although a quiet personality, he is capable of burying opponents on the floor.
“Maddux successes go well beyond the court as he is an honor roll student and also a key contributor on our sectional championship baseball team last year.
“Maddux has a bright future here at Wawasee”


Name: Maddux Everingham.

Number: 34.

Height/Weight: 6-0/145.

Position: G.

Class: 2025.

Basketball Letters Won: 2.

Elementary: Syracuse.

Middle School: Wawasee.

Activities/Other Sports: Baseball.

Favorite School Subject: World Civics.

Favorite NBA Player/Athlete: LeBron James.

Favorite Food: Mac-N-Cheese.

Favorite Song: N/A.

Favorite Movie: Hoosiers.

Favorite TV Show: N/A.

Parents: Jon and Carly Everingham.

Siblings: Myles, Payton, Davis.

Article Written by Steve Krah


#12 Myles Everingham

Get to Know … Myles Everingham

Steve Krah 1/19/22 Syracuse, IN

Myles Everingham is a sophomore point guard and shooting guard on the 2022-23 Wawasee boys basketball team.

Twin brother Maddux Everingham is also a starter. Their father, Jon Everingham, is head coach.

Myles was told that he got his first basketball as a newborn and began getting into it around age 3 or 4.

“I was with my dad in the barn,” says Myles, who just turned 17. “You’ve got to have the confidence to shoot the ball. Other than that it’s just hours of repetition, repetition.”

Camaraderie is what he appreciates most about the sport.

“Being with my teammates — it doesn’t get much better than that,” says Everingham. “It’s friendships that will last a lifetime.

“We’re building bonds and we’re getting closer.”

Myles describes his role on the team.

“I have to lead by example, work hard every practice and just be there for (teammates),” says Everingham. “I play the point, but I can play any position — whatever Coach wants from me.”

As the point guard, Myles has the ball in his hands often.

“We just work through our offense,” says Everingham. “We all have our days (when we’re having a hot night shooting.

“We just try to execute all the time. We’ve got good shooters off the bench.”

Against Warsaw, Myles scored all of his game-high 13 points in the third quarter.

On game days, Everingham gets ready to shoot by doing rip flips close to the basket then moves farther out.

What’s it like being a twin and playing on a team with your twin?

“There’s definitely chemistry out there,” says Myles. “We’ve been with each other all our lives. I know exactly where he’s going to be on the floor.”

Does being a golfer help in basketball?

“You’ve got to be patient (in both sports),” says Everingham. “You’ve got to know the right time to shoot and everything.”

What is advice — from a coach or someone else — that sticks with you?

“Anything that is worthwhile is not easy,” says Myles, noting that message is written on his father’s daily practice plans. “It’s been big part of our season this year. Everyday we talk about it.”

Coach Jon Everingham on Myles Everingham:

“Myles has been a solid varsity contributor now for about a season and a half.

“He is stepping into a new role this year and learning what that looks and feels like on the floor.

“Myles is a multi-faceted player that has the ability to contribute in most aspects of the game.

“Myles is only a sophomore and his best days in the game of basketball are ahead of him.”


Name: Myles Everingham.

Number: 12.

Height/Weight: 6-1/150.

Position: PG.

Class: 2025.

Basketball Letters Won: 1 (also won 1 in golf).

Elementary: Syracuse.

Middle School: Wawasee.

Activities/Other Sports: Golf.

Favorite School Subject: Weightlifting.

Favorite NBA Player/Athlete: Steph Curry.

Favorite Food: Steak Fried Rice.

Favorite Song: Any song by Drake.

Favorite Movie: Elf.

Favorite TV Show: Last Chance U.

Parents: Jon and Carly Everingham.

Siblings: Maddux, Payton, Davis.

Article Written by Steve Krah

@SteveKrah on Twitter


#10 Collin Ziebarth

Get to Know … Collin Ziebarth

Steve Krah 12/21/22 Syracuse, IN

Collin Ziebarth, a junior starter in his first season with the Wawasee boys basketball program, first took to the sport around age 4.

What does the 17-year-old like most about the game?

“Just about everything — the fans, teammates, coaches,” says Ziebarth. “Atmosphere is the biggest thing.”

Ziebarth, who began his prep career at Whitko Junior/Senior High School and led the Wildcats in scoring in 2021-22 at 13.8 points per game as a shooting guard, has been part of a Warriors starting combo with four guards — senior Peyton Felger and sophomores Maddux Everingham and Myles Everingham — plus senior forward/center Collin Roberson.

“My role is definitely being a leader,” says Ziebarth. “It’s been a little challenging being the new guy. It’s a work-in-progress. We’ve got a couple of games under our belt and we’re really confident.

“It’s doing a little bit of everything (on offense and defense).”

What are the strengths of the team?

“It would probably be our offensive play right now,” says Ziebarth. “We haven’t turned the ball over too much. Our points per possession is pretty high.

“What we need to keep focusing on is our defense. We’ll switch it up depending on the team but our zone has working pretty well so we’ve been sticking to that.

“When we do run (man-to-man) we’ve got some things to clean up that we’ve been working on in practice.”

Ziebarth sprained his ankle the first day of practice his freshman year then was hit with COVID-19 and only appeared in four varsity games.

What is advice — from a coach or someone else — that sticks with you?

“Just keep going,” says Ziebarth. “(Coach) Everingham and I have had a lot of talks. He says you’ve got to come in everyday, keep putting in the work and just keep chipping away.”

On game days, Ziebarth likes to wear double socks and makes sure to get some extra Z’s. One of his rituals is to take a nap.

It usually happens during eighth period as a teachers assistant to Coach Everingham.

Coach Jon Everingham on Collin Ziebarth:

“Collin has been a nice addition to the Wawasee Basketball family.

“Collin has a solid family background and has been a very good player for us so far this season.

“Collin is still learning our system and will continue to grow on both ends of the floor.

“We are all excited about Collins play so far and even more excited about his future at Wawasee.”


Name: Collin Ziebarth.

Number: 10.

Height/Weight: 6-1/150.

Position: G.

Class: 2024.

Basketball Letters Won: 2.

Elementary: Harrison (Warsaw).

Middle School: Whitko.

Activities/Other Sports: None.

Favorite Food: Pasta.

Favorite School Subject: History.

Favorite NBA Player/Athlete: Pete Maravich.

Favorite Food: Pasta.

Favorite Music: Country.

Parents: Tim and Christi Ziebarth.

Siblings: Heidi, Morgan, Brandon.

Article Written by Steve Krah

@SteveKrah on Twitter


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